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¡Si se puede!

More than 200 Hispanic teens skipped school Thursday and marched through Morgan Hill yelling "We want respect!" and "Si se puede!" At least six Morgan Hill police cars and several sheriff's vehicles caravanned alongside the line of teens wearing red, white and green and carrying Mexican flags.


Jennifer, who wanted to keep her last name private, said she was at the World Gas Station on Monterey at 11:50 a.m. Thursday when the march rolled past her while she pumped gas.

"They yelled 'dumb white bitch!' at me," Jennifer said. "Police were everywhere, so I asked them if they were going to do anything, 'that's why we're here' they said."

Jennifer said one teenager threw a rock at her husband's car while he was driving through downtown. She said he filed a police report immediately after.

All because a few American teens dared to wear American colors to an American school on a day that is a holiday in a foreign country. (And were sent home for that offence by the assistant principal, one Miguel Rodriguez).

Let's be honest with ourselves. We are letting into our country a huge and fast-growing body of people, majority of whom are openly hostile to it. Not to mention unwilling to assimilate to even a token degree. And we meet their probing provocations with appeasement and deference. What do you think happens next?

The things are going to go very sour very soon, faster than you can say "irredentism". But what can you do, the Democratic Party needs to continuously import new voters who believe in Robin Hood.

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