rkatsyv (rkatsyv) wrote,

Sullivan Act


Among the most educational things about the law is the history and personae behind it's inception. Click the link and read it.

Also of interest: among those who are licensed to carry in NYC is a fire-brand gun prohibitionist US Senator Charles E. Schumer (why am I not surprised?). The senator espouses the view that citizens of the Republic do not deserve to be able to protect themselves with arms. He makes an exception for himself, of course. Even though he gets personal armed bodyguards paid for by the taxpayers he still gets himself a license to carry a weapon. I guess you can't be too careful when safety of such an exalted person is at stake.

By the way, one of the qualifications for getting a carry permit in the city is having, by the nature of your business, to carry cash in excess of $5000 daily. I wonder how does this apply to Mr. Schumer. Must be the bribes.

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