rkatsyv (rkatsyv) wrote,

Scott said there was a group of girls standing on the lobby's roof, calling out to passing rescuers for help.

"[The authorities] said to them, 'Well, show us what you've got' – doing signs for them to lift their T-shirts up. The girls said no, and [the rescuers] said 'well fine,' and motored off down the road in their motorboat. That's the sort of help we had from the authorities," he said.

New Orleans is noted for women flashing their breasts in public, especially during the annual Mardi Gras festival.

Scott called the relief operation "horrendous," noting police officers had taken "souvenir" photographs of stranded people begging for help.

Ладно, местные жители грабят и насилуют друг друга. Это мы понять можем. У нас в Южном Бронксе все то же самое и без всякого урагана. Но почему менты и прочие "rescuers" ведут себя как последние сукины дети?! Ведь это тот же контингент людей, которые лезли в готовый обрушиться WTC. В стране что-то сильно изменилось за последние четыре года?

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