August 14th, 2014

Это провал

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"On the same theme, last night, in a strange intersection of the day's top stories, Isis supporters began Tweeting about their fondness for Robin Williams movies. Ibn Fulaan:

Shame. I liked Jumanji.

Abdullah, who has the Twitter handle @mujahid4life, responded:

Good movie. Loved it as a kid.

When non-jihadists expressed bewilderment at this enthusiasm for Jumanji, Omar Shishani replied:

We are humans like u... Why we shouldnt see movie?!

Mr Shishani is right. It's perfectly possible to find Robin Williams funny and still want to saw your head off. It's always been like that: Saddam Hussein liked Frank Sinatra LPs and English "Quality Street" toffees. Hitler's favorite operetta - The Merry Widow - was the Cats of its day in London and New York, complete with merchandising boom.

Patsies like Bill Shorten think "assimilation" is about wearing baseball caps and listening to the same crappy pop songs as everybody else. It's not. It's not enough, and it never has been. A Robin Williams fan interrupting his decapitation of an Iraqi Christian to reminisce about Jumanji is both a tribute to pop-cultural imperialism and a reminder of its limitations."