June 17th, 2009

Это провал


"Most dramatically, the single pet cat taken in 1894 to Stephen's Island off the coast of New Zealand killed the entire world population of the Stephen's Island wren"

UPD: OK, not exactly. Apparently the cat (name of Tibbles) was brought to the island pregnant, gave birth there and proceeded to raise her kittens on an exclusive diet of Stephen's Island wren. When kittens became old enough to hunt they helped their mom finish the job. The whole thing took about a year. The Christchurch newspaper "The Press" wrоtе in an editorial: "there is very good reason to believe that the bird is no longer to be found on the island, and, as it is not known to exist anywhere else, it has apparently become quite extinct. This is probably a record performance in the way of extermination."
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