August 3rd, 2005

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Кое-какие мысли по поводу "job outsourcing", et al. Раз уж у меня есть свой ЖЖ, might as well publish it here ;)

The question of outsourcing jobs is older than many people realize. Importing goods from abroad (which is a practice as old as a concept of “abroad”) comes down to exactly that. You are choosing a foreign worker over a domestic one to produce something for you. We, of course, only speak of products that can be produced domestically and are preferred only for the lower price or better quality. Naturally, this arrangement leaves one group of people unhappy: local manufacturers.

In the old days they used to use their wealth and political influence to make government take measures to protect them, namely: implement quotas and tariffs. With the rise of international corporations in the XX century that becomes increasingly unnecessary. Now the domestic manufacturer instead of fighting foreign competition can simply join it by tapping into the same resources that have made the foreign product so cheap or its quality so high. And as the direct result of that, the interests of domestic workers that were protected by domestic businesses are no longer protected by them. The question of outsourcing jobs is the same old question of foreign competition; it just no longer is an employers’ problem, but rather became an employees’ problem.

Many professions in US have unions, which are perfectly capable of exerting as much, or more, pressure on the government as businesses. Still many professions do not, and for people in those professions the likely solution will prove to be grass-roots political movements calling for establishment of tariffs and quotas for any business wishing to hire foreign employees.

Of course, the alternative solution would be to become employer rather than employee. To own a business or shares of other people’s businesses or real estate or intellectual property. But that, however beneficial for those making the change, does not solve another, much deeper problem. Read on :)

In a closed economic system there always exists a socioeconomic stratification of people. From the owners down to professional workers, down to unskilled labor, down to bums. In a situation where national economies are fast disappearing, that stratification begins to occur on a planetary level. We will soon have nations of owners, nations of programmers, nations of janitors and nations of bums.

Throughout its history humanity has been nationally divided and fought countless wars because of that. It also fought countless civil wars and revolutions because of socioeconomic stratification within nations. Now we’ll have those two factors combining. That is sure to produce antagonisms of an unprecedented intensity. Most of the problems the world is facing today stem from one single contradiction: humanity is economically united and politically divided.

Now, only two things can possibly be done about it. First is to go back to national economies and slow international trade to a trickle. We’ll all be a bit poorer. Alternative to that is no less then abolition of nations and formation of the world government. That would be a brave new world of the future. The only problem with that is that to abolish nations you need to abolish the concept of ethnicity, and to do that you will have to change the human nature. And we all know what happens when you attempt to change the human nature.