rkatsyv (rkatsyv) wrote,


Carroll Bogert, deputy executive director for external relations at Human Rights Watch:

"Proverka: This is a term that critics of the Russian government know well. The exact translation is “audit” or “inspection,” but often a proverka looks more like a raid: officials from the tax inspectorate, health inspectorate, Federal Security Service, Ministry of Internal Affairs, Federal Migration Service, prosecutor’s office, or possibly even the fire inspectorate swoop down without notice into the office of a non-governmental organization and ask lots of questions and demand loads of documents. Recently, Russia’s prosecutor general reassured the public that their purpose is just to “get to know” what NGOs do. This cozy exercise has resulted so far in at least nine court cases against NGOs for various alleged infractions."

Где же, где же я недавно слышал о таком?

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